The Nova Scotia Archaeology Society (NSAS) was formed in 1987 in response to a growing interest in the Province’s heritage resources. It is our mandate to bring together individuals interested in the study and promotion of archaeology, particularly as it relates to all cultures of Nova Scotia; to disseminate knowledge and encourage the exchange of information among professionals and amateurs alike; and to promote the preservation and protection of archaeological sites and resources throughout the Province.

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Announcing a New Website

The Nova Scotia Archaeology Society has been preparing a brand-new website, to better serve the membership and to improve our public presence. The new website is currently “under construction”, but we encourage everyone to have a look and see how it is coming along. The “old” website, the one you are seeing right now, will remain active in parallel with the new one for a period of time. Here is the link to the new website, which will eventually be the new official NSAS home page link:


As you can see there, one of the important new features is the ability to pay your annual dues online using PayPal. That part is fully operational, so please go ahead and use it.

Archaeology News

John Harvey Award
The Board of the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society seeks nominations for 2015 John Harvey Award. This award is presented annually by the NSAS for an outstanding undergraduate paper in Nova Scotia archaeology, or a paper by a Nova Scotian undergraduate student archaeologist.

Friend of Archaeology Award
The Board of the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society seeks nominations for the 2015 Friend of Archaeology Award. If you know someone you feel is deserving of this honour, please forward your nomination.

NSAS Board Elections
Elections for the NSAS Board will take place on the evening of the May lecture and Annual General Meeting. If you have an interest in contributing to the future of the Society as a member of the Board for next year (beginning May 2016) please contact the NSAS President, Dr. Jonathan Fowler, at (902) 478-1896
or by email at fowler@ns.sympatico.ca.

Education Resources

Discovering Archaeology Workbook
The NSAS has published a workbook to introduce young people to the science of archaeology. The hard-copy of the workbook is now out of print. A soft-copy in PDF form is available here and educators are encouraged to print copies for students themselves. In the original publication, pp. 15 and 17 (pp. 18-19 in PDF numbering) were printed single-sided on onionskin paper (translucent) to give the impression of looking down through three layers of buried artefacts, but the exercise still works even if these pages are printed single-sided on opaque paper, without the see-through effect. In terms of PDF page numbering, pp. 1,18,19,36 should be printed single-sided; all the other pages work best if printed double-sided.

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Member Services

Equipment Loan
The NSAS maintains a limited collection of field equipment that is available for short-term loan to paid-up NSAS members who are in possession of a valid applicable Heritage Research Permit. A request to borrow equipment can be made using the application form linked here.